Zoom: Advanced features

Customising Zoom

Advanced Features: Typography

Typography preferences

The typography tab can be used to customise the way that Zoom lays out text. Normally these options should be left at their defaults.

'Show Margins' affects whether or not Zoom displays a border around the story text. A margin improves readability, but can spoil the layout of some games.

Turning off 'Use screen fonts' will tell Zoom to use the printed forms of its fonts. Mac OS X includes specially rendered versions of many of its fonts designed for on-screen readability. These often have slightly different widths to their printed equivalent: the printed font often doesn't match up to the pixels on the screen, giving it an uneven appearence. For some fonts (for example, Monaco), the screen font chosen at certain sizes has a very distinct appearance to the 'printed' equivalent.

Advanced Features: Interpreter Version<

Game preferences

Infocom interpreters reported a version number that specified the architecture that the interpreter was running on. Zoom lets you choose which interpreter version it will report to the story that is running. This option typically has no effect on modern games, but can change how graphics are rendered in Infocom games.