Zoom: Cataloging

Managing your Collection

Cataloging and Finding Stories


When you start Zoom, the first window you are presented with is the 'iFiction' window. This tracks the stories that you have played recently, and allows you to view and edit the metadata associated with them.

Every time you start a new story, Zoom will automatically add it to the iFiction window. You can also add a story without starting it by using the '+' button at the bottom left of the window. If the story provides metadata, Zoom will load it and fill in the appropriate fields in the table. You can also provide your own metadata for a story, either by clicking in the table to edit fields, or by clicking the 'i' button to edit the data for a story.

The region at the top of the window contains three tabs. The 'Info' tab allows you to see and edit the description associated with a story. If a story provides cover art, then this is where it will be displayed: you can double-click it to see it full-sized.

iFiction filters

The 'Filters' tab is useful for tracking down a specific story by particular criteria. You can change which fields you want to filter on by ctrl+clicking on the titles of either of the two columns.

Save games

The 'Saves' tab can be used to quickly find saved locations for the story you have selected. Not all story formats are supported by this tab, but for those that are, you will see a list of the saved filenames and a summary of where you were. Double-clicking an item in the list will load the story and restore that position. You will need to have the 'Keep games organised' option turned on for this tab to work.